// C F // 

C         F               C          F 
Rumors of the Son of Man, stories of a savior 
C        F                 C            F 
Holiness with human hands, treasure for the traitor 
   C             F                   C        F 
No ear had heard no eye had seen the image of the Father 
      C           F                  C           F 
Until heaven came to live with me, a rescue like no other 

        C      Am 
You are worthy 
G       C/E    F       G 
You are worthy of Your name! 
        C      Am 
You are worthy 
        C/E    F       G       C 
You are worthy of Your name, Jesus 

    C             F                      C             F 
You did not speak You made no sound, you died for Your accusers 
    C             F                       C         F 
And as Your blood fell to the ground, you redefined my future 
C          F                  C            F 
On the day that You arose the darkness ran for cover 
        C             F                           C         F 
For the King of kings has claimed His throne from now until forever! 

          C/E     F            C       G 
You´re my author, my maker, my ransom, my savior 
   C/E     F         G                C/E     F 
My refuge, my hiding place, you´re my helper, my healer 
   C       G            C/E     F         G 
My blessed redeemer, my answer, my saving grace 
          C/E     F               C           G 
You´re my hope in the shadows, my strength in the battle 
   C/E    F          G 
My anchor for all my days 
        C/E      F            C        G 
And You stand by my side, you stood in my place 
C/E   F        G          C/E    F        G 
Jesus no other name. Only Jesus, no other name 

 // C F // 

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