// C C /E F/C // 

I cast my mind to calvary 
            G             Am 
Where Jesus bled and died for me 
          F                      C 
I see His wounds, His hands, His feet 
      G                C       C /E F/C 
My Saviour on that cursed tree 

         C         C           C 
His body bound and drenched in tears 
              G         Am 
They laid Him down in Joseph´s tomb. 
             F               C 
The entrance sealed by heavy stone 
        G              C    C /E F/C 
Messiah still and all alone 

   C                      F        C 
Oh praise the name of the Lord our God 
   Am                 G    G 
Oh praise His name forever more 
    C/E                  F         Am 
For endless days we will sing Your praise 
   F        G        C   C /E F/C 
Oh Lord, oh Lord our God 

Then on the third at break of dawn 
           G           Am 
The Son of Heaven rose again 
            F                    C 
Oh trampled death, where is your sting? 
           G    G          C 
The angels roar for Christ the King 

He shall return in robes of white 
            G                     Am 
The blazing sun  shall pierce the night 
           F              C 
And I will rise among the saints 
             G               C 
My gaze transfixed on Jesus´ face 

C F C Am G    G C/E F Am F G C 

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