C C G/F F G  G F  F 

C                                 G/F                         F 
There's no darkness in Your eyes, there's no question in Your mind 
        G             F     C 
God almighty, God of mercy: there's no hiding from Your face 
G/F                         F             G            F 
There's no striving in Your grace. God of mercy, God almighty 

          C                               F 
Let there be light, open the eyes of the blind 
Purify our hearts in Your fire 
                  F                     C C C G/F F G  G F  F 
Breathe in us we pray, Jesus have Your way 

C                                G/F                 F 
There's no borders in Your love, no division in Your heart 
        G             F        C 
God of heaven, God of freedom: there's no taking back the cross 
G/F                  F            G               F 
No regret in what it cost. God of freedom, God of heaven 

// C  Dm  Am  F // 

C                             Dm 
Good news embracing the poor. Comfort for all those who mourn 
Am                      F 
For the broken hearted, we sing louder 
C                              Dm 
Release from prison and shame: oppression turning to praise 
Am                 F 
For every captive, sing louder 
C                             Dm 
Restoring sight to the blind, breaking the curse of the night 
Am                  F 
For all in darkness, sing louder 
C                            Dm 
Proclaiming freedom for all, this is the day of the Lord 
Am               F 
Beauty for ashes 

Let the light that shines above 
G    /F                        F  /  
Become the light that shines in us 
There’s no darkness in Your way 
            F /                   C 
So have Your way, Lord, have Your way 

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