Bm     G      A 
On a shameful day He died 
         Bm  D/F#  G 
In the sorrow of defeat 
        Bm       G       A 
But forgiveness was His cry 
         G         A      D 
As His blood ran down for me 

          Bm       G        A 
How the Father´s heart was torn 
        Bm  D/F#      G 
As His only son was slain 
         Bm          G      A 
But the earth would soon rejoice 
           G          A        D 
From the place where hope was lain 

        G            D 
For the Lamb has overcome 
    G                 D 
Everlasting love has won 
      G                    Bm   A  G 
In eternal praise we will lift Him up 
        D/F#       G   A        Bm 
For the Lamb has overcome the world 

         Bm   G        A 
By His spirit we are raised 
          Bm   D/F#     G 
To the fullness of new life 
       Bm     G         A 
In a moment we´ll be changed 
       G      A   D 
And forever glorified 

D/F#            G 
Most high and lifted up 
A     Bm 
Be glorified forever 
D/F#         G 
Jesus has overcome 
   A        D 
Declare it now together 

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