// D F      // 

D             F      
You split the sky to meet me here 
C             G 
And breathe into the atmosphere 
D            F      
You tear the veil to make a way 
C      G 
In holiness I´m face to face 

F        C                    G Dm 
Here and now have my attention, you´ve won me 
F        C                     G 
Here and now have my affection, you´ve got me 

F            C 
Oh You never stop seeking 
Am        Em            F 
You never stop reaching out 
          C            Am 
You never stop seeking after my heart 
You´re after my heart 

D            F      
So have Your way and speak again 
C         G 
Remind me of Your promises 
D          F      
Of who You are and all You´ve done 
C          G 
How all of me is all You want 

D          F                C 
You´ve got me, you´ve got me 
Right where You want me 
D          F                C 
You´ve won me, you´ve won me 
Won me completely 

F C Am Em F C Am G 

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2017-07-11 - 13:31:41