Make a glad sound to the Lord, all the earth (Psa 100:1) [BBE]

What is this page? is a musicians and technicians free resource page. The point is to create a central hub for all the songs, modern and traditional alike, and how to play them. This will be achieved in an easy manner and not limited to professionals. The website is and will always be free.

Who is/will be behind this project?

Here we can join forces from all over the world. This web is going to be the main resource and search engine for any kind of christian track and its translations unto other languages. There are 6 main areas:
1) Interpreters: People that post up the lyrics and chords of the songs they love.
2) Translators: People that want to pass a great anthem into their own language and keep it singable.
3) Musicians: People who are going to put up their own work to make it known to the world.
4) Mods: People who will moderate the content, tone and attitudes on the forum.
5) Admins: Will take care of the page and the forum.
6) Librarians: People that take care we have the right videos next to each song, to play-along. Also itunes and amazon links to be able to buy a track.

Current tracks

Right now there are 68 tracks and counting...

Future things

- More export formats (Epub? Docx?)
- Creation of songbooks (Maybe select and mark many songs and get them copmpiled in a PDF)
- Ability to download some tracks as a booklet for worship offline use (Maybe on PDF?) so the whole worship band has it
- Partnerships with Open Source resources for churches (OpenSong, OpenLP, EpicWorship)
- Every user will be able to manage the songs they have uploaded and retain control on it. People should be able to comment or send suggestions.
- Forum to exchange more information and ideas, independent from this domain to ensure we never get shut down.
- Facebook profile
- Online courses (Videos) for beginners, intermediate and advanced instruments. The users can upload them themselves so they get money from Youtube visits.
- Promo area, where new artists/bands can post their worship songs and be heard.


1.9 22.01.2016 Very hard work on the translation module. All functional and ready to go!.
1.8 16.01.2016 Adding of songs rewrite for less possible mistakes.
1.6 05.10.2015 Rewrite of the music module. Cleaner and faster now.
1.5 31.08.2015 Adding first tracks.
1.4 30.08.2015 Starting to work on user database.
1.3 26.08.2015 Optimized page delivery and pagespeed & yslow guidelines. Less than 100KB for the whole page, over 90% scores on both
1.2 25.08.2015 Added >8300 tracks to start filling the database. All are empty until users or me fill them
1.1 22.08.2015 Changed the theme from desktop/cellphone responsive to mobile-only (Destops get a good look too!)
1.0 19.08.2015 Changed the whole adding song process to make it more complete
0.9 18.05.2015 Bought this nice domain ;-)
0.8 17.05.2015 Download in 6 formats (TXT, HTML, PDF, OpenSong XML, OpenLP XML, EpicWorship EPC)
0.7 03.02.2015 Translate chords into 19 notation systems (English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Chinese (3), Japanese (3), Hindi (2), Korean, Byzantine & Numeric system).
0.6 15.01.2015 See chords of 11 instruments: Guitar, Piano, Bass, Ukulele (2), Banjo, Cavaquinho, Mandolin, Balalaika, Lute & Guitalele. You can also have no chords for the technician or singers to get the lyrics only.
0.5 05.01.2015 Ability to switch to tones to adapt it to the tones of your worship band.
0.4 30.12.2014 All the website has been extremely optimized to be accesed from parts of the world with poor internet speed, to help our brothers and sisters there. No heavy data at all.
0.3 05.12.2014 Mobile-friendly
0.2 01.11.2014 Sorting the database, how to locate tracks, developing track points system
0.1 01.10.2014 First alpha version with loads of bugs but a lot of ideas
0.0 16.04.2012 Got the idea of having this website. Started learning PHP to implement it and working on it.